Tampa Bay Breastfeeds! Breastfeeding Normalization Campaign

The TB Task Force has launched a social media campaign to normalize breastfeeding in the Tampa Bay community.

#TBBreastfeeds Photo Gallery

Tampa Bay Breastfeeding Task Force Scavenger Hunt!
Take the challenge and complete the scavenger hunt below! Tag each photo with #TBbreastfeeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


(brelfie = breastfeeding selfie!)

1. Any Brelfie, Anywhere
2. Brelfie in Public
3. Brelfie with a friend
4. Babywearing Brelfie
5. Selfie wearing a breastfeeding supportive shirt
6. Photo of pumped milk
7. Selfie while pumping milk
8. Brelfie at the Pediatrician’s office
9. Brelfie on public transportation
10. Brelfie with a sleeping baby
11. Brelfie with a playful baby
12. Professional photo brelfie
13. Selfie with your Breastfeeding Support Person
14. Photo of a milk happy baby
15. Selfie with a #TBbreastfeeds Cut Out Person

Interested in hosting a life-sized breastfeeding mom cut-out?

We would love for your business, organization, church, office, etc. to host one of our new cut-outs!


Please complete this form: http://tinyurl.com/TBBreastfeeds 


A big thanks to the local families who let us use their photos to normalize breastfeeding in our community!